Membership / General Terms and Conditions 1.1. Membership of NguyVu Radio is personal and is only available to persons over the ag of 18. The membership and benefits cannot be used by anyone apart from the individual members. 1.2. The member consents to and accepts registration and processing of personal information by NguyVu Radio in accordance with prevailing legislation and these membership terms and conditions. NguyVu Radio Choice Commercial Services AS is responsible for processing the personal information a member agrees to provide. 1.3. Members have the right to inspect or correct own personal information. 1.4. A membership confirmation will be issued as proof of membership. 1.5. NguyVu Radio reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the program. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, behaviour which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards the staff, partners or station, criminal actions or actions which are generally perceived to be immoral, unethical or contrary to these membershi terms and conditions. 1.6. NguyVu Radio reserve the right to wind up NguyVu Radio with a six-month notice period to members. Any such notice will be sent by e-mail, or there will be a notice on the NguyVu Radio website. 1.7. Members can cancel their membership of NguyVu Radio at any time. Cancellation must be in writing and sent to NguyVu Radio. E-mail: Postal address: NguyVu Radio 6763 Wilson Blvd #9, Falls Church, VA 22042 Cancellation will take immediate effect from the date on which NguyVu Radio receives notice of cancellation. 1.8. NguyVu Radio is free to unilaterally change the membership terms and conditions without giving further notice to the individual member. Such changes will, unless otherwise stated, take immediate effect. NguyVu Radio will publish changes to the terms and conditions on its website. However, members are responsible for keeping themselves updated in relation to any changes to the terms and conditions. 1.9. The membership terms and conditions published on our website are to be considered the applicable membership terms and conditions for NguyVu Radio.